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  • Tina Boroviak

Toronto's Secret Streets and Hidden Landmarks

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We check out some of the coolest, yet least known places in the city on our tour routes. Even Toronto natives, who likely pass by these landmarks several times don't know of these hidden gems. They take us back to Toronto's past, while offering up some fun photo-ops.

Here are a few that you can explore with us or on your own.

Glasgow Street:

A secluded architectural gem. Enter off of Cecil Ave, one block south of College St, east of Spadina and go north until you encounter a row of Second Empire houses across from a hidden parkette. This small street first appears in the Toronto Directories in 1889. Row houses were built to accommodate workers that immigrated from the British Isles. Today they are a charming aside to the bustling cultural and commercial activities nearby.

Bisley Street:

Nearly impossible to spot unless you know exactly where to look. Bisley St. is a laneway located off of Verral Ave. near Carlaw and Queen and home to a secret little row of brick homes that date back to the 1800's.

Cabbagetown, Wellesley Street:

Cabbagetown's history began in the 1840's when thousands of Irish immigrants settled after fleeing the potato famine. To help put food on the table, residence would grow cabbages on their front lawns, which is why the neighbourhood got the distinct name. Across the quaint streets, you'll see a large collection of Victorian homes, most built between 1860 and 1895. Many are well restored. The Preservation Association ensures that all renovations and developments keep with the historic beauty.

Welleselly Cottages:

The blue-trimmed, white-walled row-houses are commonly referred to as the worker's cottages. Accessible through a hidden laneway, located north-east of Sackville St and Wellesley St. Dating back to 1887, feel the small Victorian village vibe. Beautiful and undisturbed.

This is just a sampling of some of the secrets of the city. Book a tour with us and we'll take you through our full list of favourites. If you want to either experience more of a nature ride or an up-to-date Toronto-the-modern view, check out our other tour options.


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