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  • Wendy Huismans

Brain Games: Improve Stability & Prevent Injury

Proprioception is the brain’s ability to sense our body's location and movements in space. As we age this sense begins to weaken and balance can become a challenge. Of course for cyclists losing our sense of balance would be a major concern. FEAR NOT, we know that the brain has the ability to form and reorganize connections, even as we age and especially in response to learning or through experience. We've got four easy exercises that you can do to help keep our brain and body connected and build on the ability you have.

1) Fingers to Nose: Easy to assess your brain body connection and some simple steps to improve and build on your ability.

2) One Leg Squat: Work on balance as well as some strength.

3) One Leg Hinge: Combine brain/body connection and balance.

4) Dynamic Side Squat: Locomotion training also combining brain/body connection and balance.

Try practicing these movements 2-3 times per week and track your progress and improvements. Stay balanced, stay strong and stay connected.

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