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Feel The BRRR: 3 Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Most of us miss the comfort of our climate controlled gyms, but moving our workouts outside results in an extra boost for our effort. We may not be ready for the Wim Hoff method of cold weather breathing, made trendy by Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop , but we are ready for increased fitness and overall improved mental resilience during what will likely be an extra challenging winter.

We know that most of the battle is motivating ourselves to get out the door and into the chilly air. We are thermostatic creatures, meaning, we like to be at a consistent temperature. BUT, when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, remarkable things happen.

Key benefits include:

  1. Metabolic rate increases: The heart works harder and you burn more calories (individual results vary). This is a challenge for the body and an incremental boost for added burn.

  2. Cold is good for the brain: Improving cognitive function for attention and memory. A break from screens and getting fresh air stimulation will carry you through your afternoon full of Zoom calls.

  3. Boosts overall well-being: Especially if you workout on a sunny winter day. The dose of vitamin D has been shown to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and if you participate with your bubble buddies the social interaction is a total plus.

Even better news - It gets easier. Like muscular fitness, we can build our cold tolerance strength with consistent, safe, exposure to the cold. The brain reacts as less of a threat, we adjust and acclimate, Think of it as temperature training.

Group outdoor workout in the snow.
Winter workout - Ya, we did this!

Feel it, don't fight it, challenge yourself to get out of your comfortable, climate controlled rooms and start your temperature training now.

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