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Cycling know-how and confidence delivered.

There is a biking boom happing in our city. Toronto has installed over 50 kms of bike lanes recently. There's no better time to get out of our cars and into the saddle.


We'll start with a Q&A session where we review the cycling ABC's and look at the latest gear. Then we take you for a guided spin across town for a test run on safe bike lanes, selectively pausing to show you real-time and real life infrastructure rules and navigation considerations. 

Our clinic attendees are surprised at how fast, safe and easy it is to get around the city by bike.

Oh, and they feel energized after the exercise and fresh air.

Clinic Options



Confidence Builder: 

Get a gang together or join a few of our friends for an informative session on bike safety, brush up on rules of the road and check out the latest gear and tech. We'll then take you on a navigational tour of the city bike lanes.  For those looking to increase bike use for getting from A to B and back again.



Personalized for your skill and comfort level:

 Tell us what your goals are and we'll help get you there. A pure city cycling novice or just looking for some expertise on navigating the city by bike. We can be your commuter coach or just get you back in the saddle. Regardless of skill-set we'll customize. 



Empowerment and  Functional Skills:

Building the skills that creates confident and independent cyclists. Learn how to change a tire, adjust your bike for fit and ..

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