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Welcome to Pedal Toronto
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Bike Tours, Training 
& Discovery

We know the best way to go! 

Whether you’re new to the city or local, taking in Toronto on two wheels is a positive, refreshing and eye-opening experience. We’ve thoughtfully crafted sightseeing tours that showcase must-see areas of the city, offering the best of Toronto with a sprinkle of hidden gems. 

Toronto is becoming a cycling-centric city and we’re on board. Our Cycling And The City clinics and training provide education, encouragement and confidence for those who want to get around the big city by bike.

Our motto is  - Be What Moves You.


For us cycling is a passion. Sure, bikes get us to where we need to go, but the joy, fresh air, exercise and great views are what really moves us.

Come join us!

Guided Tours

Take In Toronto On Two Wheels


Escape the City and Discover Nature

Toronto Island and Historic Distillery District

Reconnect with your inner child as you ride freely along the waterfront and away from the city and traffic.

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Cultural and Historical Mashup

Midtown, Brick Works and Distillery District

Follow our Pedal Pro as we zip across city streets, detour through parks, and finally roll into the forest.

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Feel the Thrill of Urban Cycling

City Centre and Cultural Highlight

Enjoy the thrill of following your guide through safe city bike lanes. (private tours only)

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Cycling Clinics

Safely Navigate City Bike Lanes 



Toronto's biking infrastructure has grown significantly and the momentum continues. Our aim is to get more people out of their cars and into the saddle. Clinics provide an approachable, relevant and safe environment to inform and teach you how to cycle safely and efficiently through the city.


Learn how to navigate new bike lanes and trails, get the low-down on bike security and brush up on the latest gear from our Pedal Pros. We offer group or one-on-one custom training. 


Take It From Them


Karen S

I'm a Torontonian and I saw places even I didn't know about. Our guide Wendy  was super. I highly recommend for TO residents and visitors. We all had a great time.


Sue Smart

I attended a clinic with a group of my friends and we had a blast. Even though I've been cycling for years, I still learned a thing or two. My friend who vowed never to ride within the city core is now confident and is thinking of commuting by bike."


Brett from Halifax

MY wife and I took the Distillery and Brick Works tour and felt like we were immersed into the city.  We truly felt the cities heartbeat - all within site of the CN Tower. If you just arrived to town or even if you've lived here for years, Pedal Toronto is worth a ride.

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11 Gristmill Lane, Distillery District 

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Tours and Clinics Leave From 11 Gristmill Lane in the Distillery District

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